Outstanding sportsmen and sportswomen

apply here Applicants who have excelled at national or international sports events and comply with the University’s rules. This channel may be used by High School students, or individuals who may already have Higher Education Studies.


  • A bonus of 10% will be awarded in the selection score. The result of the score, including the 10% bonus shall be equal or higher to that of the last student selected by the Ordinary Admission Process, in the year of application for the relevant studies.
  • Scholarships.


  • Sportsmen or women who have the quality of national or pre-national players in the minor, junior, or adult categories. The sportsman or women that come from High School, must pass the Prueba de Selección Universitaria (PSU) for the year of application.

Documents required

Academic background

High School applicants

    • Official Transcript of the grades of High School Education.
    • Applications Summary Card.
    • Photocopy of the University Selection Test (PSU) registration card, for the year of application.

Applicants with university studies

  • Official Academic Transcript (passed and failed courses). If there are no failures, this must be stated in the same document.
    If no courses have been failed, this must be expressly stated in the same document. Grade scale used (numeric) and study programs for every subject.
  • If the applicant is a regular student of this University, and intends to transfer to another field of study within the same University, he/she must accredit an accumulated weighted average of grades equal to or higher than four (4.0).
  • If the applicant comes from another Chilean or foreign university, either in the capacity of regular student or as graduated or Post-graduate, and intends to transfer to the same career or another, he/she shall accredit an average of grades equal or higher than four point five(4.5)
  • Submit a certificate stating that he/she has no impediment to continue his/her studies in the university of origin.

Sports training
  • Sports curriculum.
  • Sports certificate of the Club or Clubs, the Sports Association and/or Federation to which he/she belongs. The documents must be certified by a competent authority, stating the date of entrance and participation in the Club.
  • Medical certificate stating any illness or injuries suffered by the applicant, length of the illness or injury, and age in which this happened, and certify that they are not an impediment to continue with the practice of the sport in a competitive way.

Sports selection

  • The University through the Direccion de Deportes UC will receive the academic and sports background of each applicant.
  • The applicant must pass physical and technical exams. The Dirección de Deportes evaluates the Sports background of each applicant and prepares a technical report in each discipline, giving priority to an applicant in accordance with his/her background and results of the physical and technical exams.
  • The Dirección de Deportes shall submit a proposal of the sportsman/women pre-selected by career, who meets all the requirements demanded.
  • The publication of the results will be available in this web site.


  • Two applications are allowed, but enrolment is only in one area of study.
  • Acting and Music require having passed a special test [more].
  • All careers shall be recorded in the Summary of Applications Card, within the first four preferences.
  • All undergraduate careers offer at least one vacancy, except for Medicine and Odontology School.
  • If the applicant has pursued his High School abroad, the applicant shall accredit that he/she meets all the requirements to enter the University in the country of origin. Documents coming from outsider shall be legalize by the Chilean Consulate of the country of origin, and must be subsequently legalized and translated – if relevant - at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Chile.


Application Deadlines


Registration and Payment


Further information:

Dirección de Deportes
Campus San Joaquín
Avda. Vicuña Mackenna 4860
Telephones: (56-2) 354 4738 y (56-2) 354 4739
Fax: (56-2) 354 5818
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