Students who have or will have received a high school diploma or its equivalent, and who have successfully achieved a minimum score on a national examination called the University Selection Test - PSU.

Regular Admission via the University Selection Test (PSU)

Admission to the first year of university study is conducted nationwide via a broadly- based process, which is administered externally.

Students who enter by this way must have received a satisfactory score on the University Selection Test (Language and Communication and Mathematics). Moreover, an elective test is required depending on the requisites of each major. These tests are the following: History and Social Sciences and Sciences.

Acting and Music require further special tests to measure specific skills and proficiencies in individual areas, and an average of 600 points in the University Selection Test [more...].

In 2019, some 294.199 applicants from all reaches of Chile took the University Selection Test (PSU).
In an extremely selective process, of the 264.629 students who applied to the universities that participate in the national admission process (average equal to or above 450 points), 5.076 of them enrolled at our University.