Application process

apply here Students can apply to only one field of study, except through the Outstanding Sportsperson and High School studies abroad channels where they can choose two fields.

All the documents coming from a foreign country shall be legalized at the Chilean Consulate of the country of origin, for its subsequent legalization and translation – when relevant – by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Agustinas Street No.1320, Santiago).

Applicants who come from a High School abroad shall necessarily obtain the Chilean Licencia de Educación Media with the Ministry of Education (Fray Camilo Henriquez Street No. 262, Santiago)

The Official College Transcript must be submitted by the applicant, whatever his/her condition of applicant, and must include the courses approved and failed. If there is no failure this must be stated in writing under "Observations" in the same document. It is also mandatory to present a grade scale (in numbers) of the country of origin.

All the requirements, for all the channels of admissions, must be complied with.