Provisional Students

If you only wish to take certain courses given at the UC you can apply as a Provisional Student.

Provisional Students are those who are not regular students of the University, but may enroll in courses taught in our halls. To apply as a provisional student, you must be authorized by the Division of Academic Records and Services of the Vice-Presidency for Academic Affairs.

The courses approved under the provisional student status are not valid to obtain a university degree or a professional title. However, since the courses taught are the same for regular and provisional students, students may validate their provisional studies at this or another university if they subsequently become regular students at an accredited institution.

How to apply?

Applicants must meet one of the following requirements to be eligible to enroll as provisional students:

  1. Hold a university degree;
  2. Belong to a private or public entity which has an agreement with the university for the admission of provisional students;
  3. Be enrolled in a university or professional institute with a university level qualification;
  4. Be the child of a head of a Diplomatic Mission or Official Representative of an international organization accredited in Chile. In this case, the student will be considered as a foreign provisional student.

Provisional students may request registration in a maximum of five courses, except workshops and laboratories. The latter are reserved exclusively for the University's regular students. Provisional students may register for up to 100 credits, unless specially authorized by the Vice-Presidency for Academic Affairs or its representative. However, students meeting the conditions of point d) above may register for a maximum of 200 credits.

Payment due for courses taken by provisional students shall depend on the number of credits registered.


  • All foreign documents submitted must be legalized in advance in the country of origin (at the Chilean Consulate) and --when necessary-- translated and notarized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Santiago, Chile (address: Agustinas N° 1320, Santiago).
  • Provisional student status is also available via the Foreign Exchange Program between the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and international universities and institutions. The Division of Academic Exchange and International Affairs is in charge of organizing these agreements.