Graduate Admission

apply hereApplicants who have finished their studies, graduated, or who hold an academic degree from a Chilean a foreign university, who wish to take up a different program from the one they have completed or graduated from.


  • Grade Point Average equal to or higher than four (4.0) for UC degree graduates.
  • Grade Point Average equal to or higher than four point five (4.5) for degree-holders from other Universities.
  • Admissions Exam and/or interview.

Documents required

Applicants must submit their academic background for assessment. Such documentation must include:

  • Degree certificate or school leave certificate from an institution of higher education recognized by the State.
  • Official Academic Transcript (passed and failed courses). If no courses have been failed, this must be expressly stated in the same document. Grade scale used (numeric).
  • Ranking Certificate of his/her promotion.
  • Study programs (Syllabi) for all courses taken ( photocopy).
  • Curriculum Vitae (Resume) describing the applicant's academic and professional background, when required.

The background assessment and final selection are conducted by the Postgraduate Committee for the corresponding program of study and are approved by the Admissions Commission of the Vice-Presidency for Academic Affairs, based on the selection criteria established in advance by that Commission.

The Pontifical Universidad Católica does not validate degrees of studies taken in other institutions.

Application Deadlines


Registration and Payment